Embracing the Future Together: TFSX Partners with Slalom

We are thrilled to unveil a transformative partnership that marks an exciting milestone in the world of strategic foresight and futures thinking. Through joining hands with Slalom, a next-generation professional services company creating value at the intersection of business, technology, and humanity, we will continue bringing futures thinking to more organizations and help them transform their businesses.

TFSX Co-founder Yvette Montero Salvatico shares her enthusiasm about the partnership, “Collaborating with Slalom reflects our aligned values and commitment to democratizing the future. Their expertise in transformative technologies and innovative strategies shapes a proactive, future-focused mindset in many industries and communities.”

Further, Slalom’s holistic expertise in helping customers craft a strategic vision and bring it to life merges seamlessly with our innovative foresight curriculum, creating a powerful platform for businesses ready to embrace their future potential. Together, we are not just offering tools and techniques; we are offering a new way of thinking about and engaging with the future.

Tamarah Usher, a Slalom leader and business technologist adds, “Working with TFSX is a unique opportunity to blend our consulting expertise with their pioneering foresight approach, providing a holistic pathway for businesses to navigate their futures.” Tamarah uniquely champions this partnership as a 2017 TFSX alumni and Certified Foresight Practitioner credential holder since 2020.

Through this collaboration, we are excited to announce that five of our 2024 Foundations in Natural Foresight® think tank programs will be held in partnership with Slalom at their offices across North America.

Together, we will bring leaders across industries who are eager to develop their strategic foresight skills. As participants complete the program, they will access global TFSX alumni and Slalom’s leading industry experts.

We hope you will join us – explore the courses below to learn more and apply!: