Activations in

Natural Foresight®

Activations in Natural Foresight® (formerly knows as Applied Foresight Activator) allows learners from across the globe to access on-demand, virtual, live content to support their foresight capacity building.

Designed with the mission of “democratizing foresight” in mind, Activations provides a bridge between foundational classroom training and real-life implementation.

About this program

Across six months, learners engage in 12, 90-minute labs that deep-dive into Natural Foresight® tools driving impact in strategy, innovation, change, and personal development. Participants also contribute to a global trend data management platform to fuel their personal and professional futures intelligence.


  • Live-online across six months
  • 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month in Eastern time zone 
  • Facilitated in 12, 90-minute tool-based Natural Foresight® labs focused on driving impact in strategy, innovation, change, and personal development
  • Membership to the Human_AI repository to hone scanning skills and access a global research bank 
  • Scanning Happy Hour Conversations
  • Curriculum highlights below (detailed syllabi provided on application pages)
  • Tuition: $2,250 USD


High level content

  1. Welcome Lab:
    Experimenting with the Future
  2. Unconscious Futures Modeling:
    Challenging our Information Filters
  3. Scanning Deep Dive:
    Separating the Signal from the Noise
  4. Narrative Transformation:
    Unlocking a New Story for Change
  5. ART Leadership:
    Future Empowered Decision Making
  6. Wicked Opportunities®:
    Foresight-Fueled Innovation
  7. Certification Clinic:
    Prep for the Certified Foresight Practitioner Assessment
  8. Sci-Fi Futures:
    Moving from Plausible to Provocative
  9. Cone of Possibilities:
    Mapping Multiple Futures
  10. Scenario World Building:
    Setting the Moods of the Future
  11. Fab Lab:
    Prototyping the Future
  12. Foresight Integration:
    Bridging the Implementation Gap

Learning outcomes

After this program you’ll be able to:

  • Integrate the Natural Foresight® framework into your personal and professional life
  • Identify emerging trends and weak signals on the horizon of your industry, helping to prepare you for disruptors and act on opportunities before your competitors
  • Build “maps of the future” that generate successful strategies, actions, and organizational narratives
  • Immediately replicate your learnings within your team and organization
  • Apply for and earn professional foresight certification available only from TFSX and backed by the Global Foresight Advisory Council
  • Harness the future to make better decisions today


What our alumni are saying:

“The program’s live-online format supported my efforts by sharing and seeing how others utilized Strategic Foresight, I was better able to apply that thinking to my own design approach.”

Craig Mellot Innovation Manager, Play Power

“What if I hadn’t had these ‘create a better world’ exercises, immersed alongside such a diverse and discerning global cohort, to look forward to every other Thursday in mid-2020? I’m certain my wellbeing would be much diminished from what it is now! In this way, the generative nature of this workshops series was nothing short of an existential gift, literally anchoring me in purposeful possibility and the spirit of oneness with like-visioned others during a uniquely bleak period for us all.”

Ann Odell Freelance Creative Strategist, Certified Foresight Practitioner

TFSX DIfference

What sets the futures school apart:

experience the future

Guided by globally-recognized foresight experts, TFSX events have been described as immersive, entertaining, and life-changing. Whether online or in-person, in-house or public-facing, TFSX offerings will transport you to the future so you can make better decisions in the present.

upgrade your toolkit

Our trademarked Natural Foresight® framework is designed to work in complex, real-world settings. Equipped with this repeatable process, you can begin driving business results right away.


The movement spearheaded by TFSX has spread to every corner of the globe, creating a community of change agents who speak a common language. Whether you are seeking new career opportunities, practical foresight advice, or support from your co-conspirators, choosing TFSX means you’re never alone.


Demonstrate that you have achieved the highest levels of rigor in your applied foresight practice with the only professional certification underwritten by a Global Advisory Council of practicing foresight professionals.