This bundle is a curated collection of everything you need to get your foresight team launched.

  1. Empower your team with our Strategic Foresight Primer.
  2. Introduce the ecosystem of offerings with our Welcome Kit.
  3. Jumpstart Futures Intelligence efforts with  our Wicked Opportunity® Trend Cards.
  4. Deep-dive into out trademarked foresight approach with The Guide to the Natural Foresight® Framework.

Both The Strategic Foresight Primer and Natural Foresight® Framework are offered free under the copyright stipulations provided below as a digital resources (click the + symbol at the bottom of this page to download free primer). Individual printed copies of both resources are also available in our shop.



What’s Included in the Bundle:

  • 5 copies of our Introductory Package, detailing who we are, our offerings, and professional foresight certification information.
  • 5 copies of our Strategic Foresight Primer
    • What is Strategic Foresight?
    • The Push and Pull of the Future
    • Strategic Foresight in Practice
    • Natural Foresight ® Framework: Unlock the Futurist Mindset
    • A Futures Thinking Exercise
    • Foresight Gap Identification Questionnaire
  • 5 sets of the Creator Economy set of our Wicked Opportunities ® trend cards
    • 30 trend cards that span social, technological, economic, environmental, and political issues.
    • Futures intelligence research with both near-end and far-out implications.
    • 5 focused mini-scenarios.
  • 5 copies of our 100+ page Guide to the Natural Foresight ® Framework
    • Natural Foresight® exposes leaders and organizations to an action-based approach to building futures thinking.
    • This framework includes foresight tools such as environmental scanning, assumption and bias modeling and scenario development.
    • The methodology is organized in an adaptive, resilient and transformative approach that has been successfully implemented in large, multinational firms.
    • The Guide includes a full glossary of foresight terms.

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