Unlock the futurist mindset with a printed version of our Strategic Foresight Primer. Become acquainted with our organization and our trademarked Natural Foresight ® methodology with this abridged introductory resource. Print and ship copies for you and your team. As part of our Year of Free, The Strategic Foresight Primer is offered for no cost under the copyright stipulations provided in the Resource Center a digital resource (click the + symbol at the bottom of this page to download free primer). If you wish to receive a printed version, you may purchase it here.


What’s Inside the Primer:

  • What is Strategic Foresight?
  • The Push and Pull of the Future
  • Strategic Foresight in Practice
  • Natural Foresight ® Framework: Unlock the Futurist Mindset
  • A Futures Thinking Exercise
  • Foresight Gap Identification Questionnaire

Copyright Information

The content and materials in the Primer have been designed to develop specific knowledge and skills in Natural Foresight ®. A significant amount of time has been devoted to writing and testing these materials in order to ensure their effectiveness.

Kedge, LLC maintains full and exclusive rights to these materials and the Natural Foresight ® Framework through all applicable intellectual capital laws. No redesign, editing, or reproduction (physical or digital) of these materials is permitted. Sharing of this guide is also prohibited as all individuals must gain approval from The Futures School to access these materials.

If you would like to customize or adapt Kedge, LLC materials for your organization, or to discuss a licensing agreement, please contact Kedge, LLC at info@kedgefutures.com.

Kedge, LLC maintains a staff with extensive capabilities to assist you in creating programs and materials that meet your needs. All changes, adaptations or licensing rights to these materials must be requested from and approved by Kedge, LLC in writing.

Additional information

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