Your personalized foresight operating system

Be the foresight guru at your organization.


You’ve learned about foresight and futures thinking and you’re excited to start…doing…foresight. Wait, how do you do foresight?

How do you know which tools to use, and for which purposes?

How do you know who to engage, and for how long?

You realize scanning is important, but how do you use the insights in your role? How do you connect it to your area of expertise?

How do you bring your field into the future?

Your “how to” practice foresight questions end here. 

You can finally make the future a priority. 

On my.TFSX, your foresight game plan is customizable and comes complete with support.

Find expert advice, tool recipes, and fellow futures thinkers all in one place. 

Each of the platform’s main pillars work together toward our mission of elevating the field of foresight:

Plug and Play Recipes | Micro-Learning | Practitioner Hub

Plug and Play Recipes

You’ve only got 20 minutes to capture your team’s attention, and you want to use that time effectively. 

Take them through a foresight tool in just three easy steps:

  1. Hop on to my.TFSX
  2. Select your workshop goal from the menu of options. For example “Create pathways for consensus”
  3. The tool “ingredients” that make up the perfect foresight “recipe” are provided, complete with time commitments, group size, templates and worksheets. 

Level-up your meetings without having to flex your design muscles with easy downloadable resources. But if you’re the creative type, you can also edit any of the templates to further personalize your presentation. Just stick to the open-source guidelines.

If you’re looking for personal development, we’ve got you covered too. Filter tools by Impact Area or Natural Foresight ® facet and use the tools in all the ways you need them. 

You have a unique set of challenges and obstacles on the path to your preferred future.

Be adaptive, resilient, and transformative in the face of any change with support from the world’s only team of expert time-travelers, TFSX.


You are a foresight guide. No matter what industry, organizational level or position, you’re here because Natural Foresight resonates with you.

my.TFSX is the entry into practical guidance for your foresight practice.

Stop wondering if what you’re bringing to your leaders’ attention is worth their time. 

Stop having anxiety about which decision will bring the most ROI, the most engagement, the most funding.

Stop sitting through stale PowerPoints detailing the top 10 trends that you could have Googled yourself.

Stop putting off the future until the next planning cycle.

Start wowing your team with the insights you’re able to connect to the organization.

Start making plans for yourself that account for multiple threats and opportunities. 

Start considering the future in an actionable, tangible way.

Start proving why you need to act boldly now. 

With my.TFSX you can comfortably learn at your own pace, take what you learn, and practice it with fellow practitioners all in one place. 

The perfect compliment to your certification pathway.

Practitioner Hub

You know that foresight could benefit the people you work with. 

But there are some co-workers who are resistant to change. 

Even if everyone got on-board, the archaic systems in place seem impossible to evolve.

Being the squeaky wheel is lonely. 

Good thing that on my.TFSX there are squeaky wheels from all across the world who are eager to share their experience with you. 

With that much support, it’s easy to prove foresight’s usefulness. A multitude of real-world cases from diverse voices of other practitioners are waiting for you. 

Introducing futures thinking to a room full of skeptics is daunting. But it won’t be when you have our community uplifting you. 

We are all driving toward better futures. Join our platform to learn best practices and get outside perspectives. 

The ART of Foresight

Like all of our offerings, my.TFSX is fueled by the Natural Foresight ® Framework, the most widely used Strategic Foresight methodology in the world. 

Unlike any other design, planning, HR, or DEI method you’ve tried, Natural Foresight, affectionately called NFF, is a system that meets you wherever you are in your foresight needs. 

We believe foresight is both an art and a science capable of making every decision Adaptive, Resilient and Transformative. 

Begin your my.TFSX journey by identifying your unique ART leadership style through our profile quiz. Your unique leadership style governs how you make decisions and why. Through understanding your unique ART style, you can think more strategically and more broadly about how best to enable change in your context and communicate with others. 

Mingle with thinkers who share your leadership style or mix with others to lean into your less dominant traits. Identify and embolden the leadership strengths of your team.

Refresh your perspective and lead with confidence on my.TFSX

“I believe Natural Foresight® bridges the gap between these two apparently divergent worlds: the far-reaching, open-minded, creative-centric approach of futures development with the fiscal-year, highly-focused, spreadsheet-driven business planning.”

Sergio Sperat Knowledge Manager, Estratega, Certified Foresight Practitioner

Access Tiers

All of these amazing offerings are coming to you soon!

“TFSX makes the art and science of Strategic Foresight not only more approachable and actionable, they make it a joy to tackle.  In our current environment, Strategic Foresight is a necessity but it can be hard to apply the theory to a corporate environment.  With the suite of tools and the different approaches they shared, we can begin to create the operating system we need to prepare our organization for the future.”

Kaia Kegley Consumer Insights Senior Manager of Global Trends, General Mills

Refresh your perspective and lead with confidence on my.TFSX

Your entire team can be trained through my.TFSX.