Leverage Natural Foresight® to develop your career.


TFSX offers professional development programs that equip participants for certification in Natural Foresight® – a practical and proven approach to applying Strategic Foresight in organizational and personal contexts.

Professional Certification in Natural Foresight is endorsed by the Global Foresight Advisory Council (GFAC), an international group of visionaries that are redefining their industries and intrinsically guided by an innate futurist mindset.

Benefits of Certification

  1. Visibility and credibility. Demonstrate that you have achieved the highest levels of rigor in your applied foresight practice with the only professional certification underwritten by a global advisory council of practicing foresight professionals.
  2. Open the door to more opportunities for career advancement. Reach not only your short-term job goals, but position yourself for success in your long-term career with a globally applicable and sought-after skillset.
  3. Connect with a strong network of foresight-certified peers. Earning a professional foresight credential plugs you into a prestigious community of like-minded individuals for ongoing support.
  4. Set yourself apart. TFSX certified professionals pass a rigorous assessment and commit to ongoing development and recertification.

Resources to Get Certified

Certification Pathway

Certified Foresight Practitioner

Driving business results with foresight.

Certified Foresight Practitioners (CFPs) are equipped with the foundational ideas and tools of the Natural Foresight® Framework, embodying the futurist mindset and understanding the value of futures intelligence in their respective field. CFPs are able to conduct trendspotting, horizon scanning and pattern-making that informs future scenarios and impacts business results.


Certified Foresight Influencer

Generating transformation through foresight.

Certified Foresight Influencers (CFIs) have extensive knowledge of the tools and methods within Natural Foresight®, including advanced concepts. CFIs will have published works or otherwise established themselves as a thought leader in the use of foresight in their respective profession. Influencers are able to generate tangible organizational support and transformation through the implementation of robust futures work.


Certified Foresight Trainer

Transferring foundational foresight knowledge to others.

Certified Foresight Trainers (CFTs) must show mastery of the cadence, structure and terminology that is needed to effectively communicate Natural Foresight® principles. They have successfully demonstrated the ability to integrate foresight into their profession or field. Trainers are able to guide others through the process and successfully transfer foundational Strategic Foresight knowledge.


Next Steps to Earning Certification

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“I am thrilled for this new achievement! My special gratitude and recognition to TFSX and their team. Your expertise and guidance during the process has been a crucial inspiration for me. The future is about people. Let’s democratize it!”

Sandra Martinez Polo LEGO Serious Play Facilitator, Certified Foresight Practitioner

“I am pleased to add The Futures School Certified Foresight Certification to my CV and join other futures practitioners to help bring about a culture of forward-thinking and change.”

Jeremiah Cottle Lead Analyst, U.S. Secret Service, Certified Foresight Practitioner

Professional Foresight Certification FAQs

A certificate of completion indicates that an individual gained knowledge by finishing a course or a series of courses. Learning events offered by TFSX (i.e. Foundations in Natural Foresight® (previously Applied Foresight Accelerator) and Activations in Natural Foresight®  (previously Applied Foresight Activator) provide a certificate of completion.

However, certification is a more rigorous and valuable achievement where individuals apply for and receive a credential. To earn such a designation, there are education and experience requirements alongside successfully passing an assessment. Certification also requires a practitioner that earns the credential to recertify, ensuring continuous learning and development in the field.

Professional Foresight Certification includes a certification pathway with multiple levels. All levels adhere to a common Body of Competency and Knowledge and require an application, eligibility review, assessment, and recertification.

TFSX offers various levels of Professional Foresight Certification in the Natural Foresight® Framework – a proven approach to applying Strategic Foresight in organizational and personal contexts. Certification is backed by the Global Foresight Advisory Council, an international group of visionaries, redefining their industries and guided by an innate futurist mindset. Learn more here.

The Professional Certification in Natural Foresight® is endorsed by the Global Foresight Advisory Council (GFAC), an international group of visionaries who are redefining their industries, intrinsically guided by an innate futurist mindset. Learn more about the GFAC here.

The certification pathway has the following levels publicly available to pursue if eligibility requirements are met:

 Certified Foresight Practitioner

 Certified Foresight Influencer

Certified Foresight Trainer

For specific populations, the Certified Foresight Vanguard and Certified Foresight Associate designations are available.

The Body of Competency and Knowledge (the Guide) and the respective exams are continuously reviewed to address if substantial revisions are required.