Feel like a natural leading foresight

We will help you navigate next steps to pull your aspirations to today

You’re not a fraud, or an imposter

Let this be a safe-space for future thinkers like you. 

We understand that gaining consensus around the future is challenging. But it can also be rewarding and necessary work.

Foresight involves hours of research, interviews, workshops, and planning.

Usually, there’s a lone advocate (you?) who’s brave enough to boldly go against the grain. The one that dares to discuss the elephant in the room.

Foresight is meeting people where they are, and transforming the toughest skeptics into the fiercest advocates. 

If creating the future were easy, everyone would do it.

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The Discover phase of the Natural Foresight Framework challenges narratives and antiquated mindsets to bring fresh perspectives and welcome new opportunities.

We’re here to offer (free!) support

Our founders were a couple of the world’s first foresight consultants. That origin story led to Natural Foresight being the most widely accessible method across industries and sectors. 

Now futures thinking as a field has grown tremendously. Often our clients come to us overwhelmed with the number of certificates, degrees, courses, and workshops. This is no coincidence– it’s a direct response to the growing gap within organizations to be more forward-thinking. 

Time and again, the difference between a transformative organization and a reactive one is a single person or small team willing to change hearts and minds. 

If you’re wondering how to be that advocate, we can help you find your path as a foresight practitioner.

Yvette and Frank Co-Founded TFSX to support futures thinkers everywhere — in organizations and classrooms around the world.

Good news: you probably already have foresight experience

You might not have called it “Strategic Foresight”, but if your curiosity led you here, it’s for a reason.

We offer free 30-minute career coaching calls to help you map what your next steps could be. Meet with a coach and we’ll discuss your prior experience, your passions and interests, and the field you seek to direct your impact.

Together we’ll determine the best options for foresight experiences that will support your development. 

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You think this way naturally, you just need the right tools to make your work more impactful.

Earn recognition for your valuable experience.

We can help clarify the right career moves to meet your aspirations.