Leverage Natural Foresight® to develop your career.

Foundations in

Natural Foresight®

Collaborate alongside professional futurists and global thought leaders to apply foresight tools to a real-world issue.


Join our flagship program, Foundations in Natural Foresight®.

Participate in an interactive think tank that empowers you with the critical skills of Strategic Foresight and Futures Thinking for a new era of complexity and change.

  • Expand your network while collaborating with 30 global leaders who share a passion for transformation 
  • Learn and apply the most widely used foresight framework  
  • Drive to impact as you navigate a real-world issue (i.e. democracy, AI)
  • Build the business case for foresight and gain the skills needed to inspire others 
  • Earn a certificate of completion and qualify for Professional Foresight Certification
  • Receive unlimited access to digital course materials
  • Join an alumni community with 2,000+ individuals 
  • Unlock subscriber access to my.TFSX for one month with access to step-by-step tool recipes 
  • Develop your personalized learning plan at the conclusion of the program 
  • Boost  your foresight confidence whether you are new to the field or a seasoned practitioner
Preview the Foundations in Natural Foresight® experience.


Program Design

  • One-on-one introductory call with each applicant 
  • Live, online and in-person formats
  • 70% of the program is hands-on application
  • Mural and Zoom platforms with a dedicated technical coordinator for a concierge experience 
  • Modularized content around the Natural Foresight® facets: Discover, Explore, Map, and Create
  • Project-based curriculum using a relevant real-world issue and culminating in a set of scenarios
  • Ample breaks
  • Rigorous yet entertaining approach 
  • Facilitators have 20+ years of foresight experience 
  • Pre-work administered on my.TFSX two weeks prior to the experience which takes 2-3 hours to complete, inclusive of a leadership assessment 
  • No homework assigned during the program
  • Private, online community for cohort participants


Inclusive of experience, unlimited access to program materials, certificate of completion, one month of upgraded my.TFSX access, TFSX alumni membership  

See program pages for more information.


High level content

Example Course Outline

Tools utilized during the program to develop a suite of scenarios.

Modules One and Two: Welcome and Discover
Meet your cohort and acquaint yourself with the project topic that will be used during the program. Through an introduction to foresight, learn the fundamental ideas in the field, and the importance of employing Natural Foresight® principles and tools to thrive in a complex world. Dive into tools within the Discover facet to uncover personal and collective assumptions to recognize new disruptors on the horizon of business and society.

Modules Three and Four: Explore and Map
Jump into the Explore facet to move from traditional trend identification to futures intelligence and pattern development. Leverage your insights to develop short-, mid-, and long-term implications. In the Map facet, learn an introduction to scenario development to transform your insights into worlds that will invite “stakeholders” to suspend disbelief.

Modules Five and Six: Map and Create
Each team will use a plug-and-play tool to scaffold their scenarios and report out to the larger cohort. The Map facet will culminate in learning scenario planning tools to inform our present-day decision making. To conclude the experience, each individual will put the Create facet into practice by developing a personalized implementation plan while exchanging feedback with their peers.


What our alumni are saying:

“The concepts and tools that were shared in our TFSX training give me hope for the future. We have the ability to envision multiple futures and by using the tools that were shared, plan for various scenarios that will allow us to not only succeed – but flourish.”

Library Professional Connecticut State Libraries

“This is an inspiring and transformative experience that will prepare you to be excited for the future.”

Shielaugh V. Divelbiss Manager, Service and Interaction Design, Fjord


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