This edition of the Wicked Opportunities Card Decks explores the Creator Economy. 

Individual participation and crowd-funded innovation are spurring the transition to a new economy. Consumers are choosing experiences over physical goods, and technologies such as 3D printing, virtual reality and drones are creating an environment where access to assets trumps ownership.


Exploring and interpreting trends and weak signals in the external environment ensures we do not become insulated in our subject-matter expertise and prevents us from being blindsided by changes originating from outside our industry and organization.

In the volatile and uncertain landscape of the 21st century, disruptors will likely not come from your realm or industry. Instead, they will come from competitive spaces you are not even considering today.

As the future becomes more complex, we must reframe our Wicked Problems as “Wicked Opportunities.” This means that we actively pursue unique and unseen opportunities created by the complex situations present in our increasingly connected world. The more complex our world, the bigger our canvas becomes on which to paint an unlimited amount of transformational and aspirational ideas.

The Wicked Opportunities® Card Decks can be used to uncover the emerging patterns that result from the convergence of complex ideas, build scenarios as a means to inform decisions or develop opportunities that will empower the creation of new mental models for innovation and unique business growth. Professionals, educators, creators and entrepreneurs can use the Wicked Opportunities Card Deck to cultivate an environment of learning, uncovering transformational possibilities, inspire aspirational visions and foster innovative ideas. Now you, too, can unleash the power of Wicked Opportunities with this unique card-based interactive tool.



This template leverages our Creator Economy Wicked Opportunity Trend Cards published in 2018.  Although these trends are still viable, you may wish to refresh the specific research referenced when using this resource with your stakeholders.

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