Looking for a creative way to showcase your environmental scanning? Need an energizing icebreaker to develop sensemaking skills in your team?

Trend cards are an indispensable part of a futurist’s toolkit. Creating a set of cards allows you to develop your own scanning, sensemaking, and synthesizing skills.
Trend cards have many uses:
  • Support environmental scanning (research) by physically capturing trends for personal, collective and organizational analysis.
  • Supercharge ideation sessions for scenarios, innovations, strategies, and processes.
  • Add an ethnographic element to make change real
  • Gamify the future by using trend cards in a number of activities- in the Probability Impact Matrix, in Six Degrees, or combine cards to develop innovations and patterns.

Checkout this free Mural template and start gamifying the future!



This resource is a Mural template. If you do not already have a free or paid Mural account, you should do so before attempting to use this resource. Upon checkout, you will receive an email with a link to the template, where you can create a Mural canvas from the template.

The template contains everything you need to make a trend card deck. You will find instructions, an example, 30 individual trend card templates, and additional resources. You may choose to download our Creator Economy trend card deck for a ready-to-use trend card deck.




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