Certified Foresight Practitioners lead transformation.

Well, it’s obvious to those of us paying attention, like you.

You’re a curious learner who observes signals and formulates patterns. 

Do you ever talk with your colleagues about how your field will be impacted in the next decade? Maybe some of them agree that you’re already behind.

More likely, it’s taboo in your organization to discuss disruption.

You might be wondering how to track, analyze, and ultimately strategize in this environment.

Certified Foresight Practitioners help make the future feel tangible.

Natural Foresight® certification provides support as you…

Facilitate trust as a thought leader and futures storyteller in your industry.

Gain consensus to unlock resources for forward-thinking initiatives.

Guide teams to pave tactical pathways toward preferable futures.

… build futures thinking capacity in organizations.

What is Natural Foresight Certification?

A credible skillset that shifts mindsets to identify novel opportunities, risks, and partnerships.

The “future of [your industry]” is not a Google search away.

Leaders who assume they can cure their strategic woes by buying an expensive PowerPoint from a business consultant (or an AI foresight software) miss the bigger picture.

Despite how it may seem, the future is not about technology. It’s too complex to boil down to a trend report, and it’s impossible to capture in a series of steps.

Longevity depends on new approaches to strategy. And those that build capacity to break the conventional mold.

A practical way to imagine and act toward aspirations.

You need tools that work in the background to make every decision more systematic, strategic, and proof-laden. A common language that you can pass along to any colleague, client, or stakeholder to get them excited about the future.

You’re looking for an approach for bridging the future to today that works in the “real-world” as you consult individuals and communities.

Natural Foresight certification provides recognition for forward-thinking talent and ROI for companies.

Make coworkers say “can you please facilitate a cool workshop?”

Natural Foresight® is designed to support your unique application of foresight principles, helping you anticipate and plan for future scenarios in diverse personal and professional contexts.

As a Certified Foresight Practitioner, you will

Streamline decision-making,

Solve complex problems,

Continuously challenge mindsets, and

Become a champion of the future.

First, Train with a coach

Before athletes become great enough to win, they practice with someone who knows the sport well.

Start experimenting with Natural Foresight in a virtual classroom with support from experts.

Scenario Worldbuilding and Guiding Narratives teaches the fundamentals of the scenario-building process.

  • Build confidence in your capacity to create immersive worlds and showcase their business value
  • Gain insights into the most useful tools for worldbuilding
  • Make the most of scenarios to inform strategic decisions

After this course you will know how to lead an engaging scenario project, and be eligible to sit for the Certified Foresight Practitioner assessment.

Want to explore other learning style options? Review the list of qualified pre-requisite experiences from TFSX and partners here.

Or, book a career-coaching call and we will evaluate if your prior experience qualifies to sit for the assessment.

Then, time to Remove your training wheels

Complete your foresight learning experience and register to sit for the assessment. The next step is to study the Guide to the Natural Foresight Framework and discover all the ways you can apply Natural Foresight (and blow your mind)!

You might also enroll in the Cert Exam Prep Course to prepare for test day.

Then you take the 50-question exam. There’s an hour limit to submit, and you may reference your book. The questions are meant to test your knowledge and application of the Natural Foresight® framework.

Study hard to ace it with flying colors!

Feel the payoff and Earn your trophy

After clicking “Submit”, you’ll see “Congratulations! You passed the Certification Foresight Practitioner Exam!”

Our team will send a personal email with your unique badge number and a digital certificate with your name.

You can proudly show off your big achievement on LinkedIn, but that isn’t the point, of course. The Certified Foresight Practitioner designation will finally ignite real change, and add that caliber of practicality and confidence you’ve been searching for. You will forever be known in your sphere as THE “futures thinker.”

Leak to the paparazzi

Year-round, we celebrate a holiday that we call “Cert-Mas.”

Add Certified Foresight Practitioner to your resume, along with all the transferable skills bundled in the credential, like

  • pattern and sensemaking, 
  • trend identification,
  • horizon scanning, 
  • critical and systems thinking, 
  • scenario planning, 
  • DEI collaboration, 
  • resilience management, 
  • strategic storytelling,
  • and so much more…

You decide where to go from here

Earning the credential was just the beginning. As you apply these skills and break-out from conformity, you’ll harvest the fruits of your labor.

There’s joy each time you introduce someone new to foresight. Students, clients, colleagues, co-workers, board members, stakeholders, and even family members all now see the future differently because of you. You co-create the future among friends. 

In a few years, you’ll reflect and feel immense pride at all the change you initiated.

Certified Foresight Practitioners span an international network of multi-disciplinary foresight professionals. We work to design and strategize preferred futures into becoming reality.

We are unified by a people-centered approach that is designed to be more practical and versatile than idealistic, one-size-fits-all methods.

Get certified to…

Launch your big idea.

Write your book. 

Build your initiative. 

Spread your knowledge.

Solidify your vision.

See the bigger picture.

Spot future signals.

See beyond horizons.

Analyze big data.

Project current trends.

Map multiple scenarios.

Solve future problems.

Design tactical roadmaps.

Share tangible practices.

Bridge to new realities.

Change the future, starting now.

Become a Certified Foresight Practitioner and bring foresight into action. 

Register to take your Certified Foresight Practitioner exam today. 

*Review qualified pre-requisite options for foresight experience

We are happy to match you with the right next step.

Natural Foresight is guaranteed to change your work. 

Will it also change your life?

Amidst constant change, here is what we know will remain the same:

But here’s what we guarantee will change when you start applying Natural Foresight as a practitioner:

How do we know you will lead change armed with this designation?

Meet Kylee,

Who led the first IBM foresight team.

“Earning the Certified Foresight Practitioner designation gave me leverage to facilitate the creation of IBM’s first Natural Foresight® team. It allows me to establish and instill trust and respect in my ability to lead with stakeholders and collaborators! I feel as if this guiding philosophy has always been in my blood, but now I’m empowered with a framework and new measurements to create the future and impact business results. So grateful to have this mindset as my immune system.”

Kylee Bernard Certified Foresight Practitioner, Foundations Alumni

Meet Sarah,

Who started her own change management business.

“I’m starting my own consulting firm focusing on change management for arts institutions, and being certified in Natural Foresight is not only a differentiator for my business, but the designation provides needed value to my clients.”

Sarah Palm Certified Foresight Practitioner, Foundations Alumni

Meet Kiran,

Who puts people at the center of innovation.

“Life: I really enjoy futures. It brings a lot of hope to the world and I would like to use it to help people see further into the future and to make changes in the present to help guide the future in a more thoughtful and equitable way

Career: I would eventually like to resign from my current role and to work on futures full time. In particular working on the future of health security, human health, agriculture, water, etc. There is a lot of work to be done and honestly, we are running out of time. This is why I became a Certified Foresight Practitioner.”

Kiran Carpenter Certified Foresight Practitioner, Activations Alumni

meet jason

Who marries foresight and user experience to design for uncertainty.

Jason C. Napolitano Certified Foresight Practitioner, Foundations Alumni

Wanna hear A bold statement?

Yeah, Natural Foresight did become “more than just a training experience in Disney”.

After this session Antonio participated in, we launched a series of workshops to develop the first international futurist workforce at Walt Disney International, and to this day, Natural Foresight powers the global futurist team at one of the biggest companies in the world, Walt Disney International.

Certification provides the confidence to navigate skeptics or executive who say “I just don’t get it”.

Even better, skeptics will actually convert to love foresight.

If you’re tired of lacking the authority to speak about the future, 

If you need credibility when strategizing, planning, or innovating,

If nothing seems to convince leadership that the industry is changing, then

You should earn this credential and help the world design better futures. 

Never fear another reorganization, because you’ll naturally think three horizons into the future. 

Don’t shell-out for an expensive forecasting tool that won’t launch your career and strengthen the workforce. 

No more information overload — turn everything you read and watch into strategic action.

Your learning is worth it. Don’t settle for anything less than an all-encompassing certification that is future-guaranteed to continually open doors.

Your future is waiting.

Become a Certified Foresight Practitioner.

See how high your kite can fly.