What Is Natural Foresight®?

We are operating in an increasingly complex environment, where linear and mechanistic processes do not work.

To overcome this issue, The Futures School™ leverages a process that mimics natural growth curves. We call this framework Natural Foresight®. By presenting the critical skill set of Strategic Foresight through approaches that echo those found in product development and business planning, foresight can be more readily adopted. But Natural Foresight® goes one step further, employing an organic approach that mimics the powerful growth cycles found in nature.

The Futures School™ incorporates all four phases of the Natural Foresight® model into its programs.

  • Discover Phase of NFF Discover: Context and Background We must look past our present-day models and ideas in order to recognize disruptors on the horizon of business and society.
  • Explore Phase NFF Icon Explore: Futures Intelligence When we scan the external environment, we create a glimpse into the future – much clearer than we could get from any crystal ball.
  • Map phase NFF Icon Map: World Building Scenario development immerses people and organizations into future possibilities, allowing them to assess the validity, robustness, and future-readiness of their current strategies and to uncover new opportunities.
  • Create Phase NFF Icon Create: Action and Outcomes After developing informed maps of the future and pressure-testing strategies, sustainable foresight must become woven into the fabric of individuals and organizations.

Natural Foresight® exposes leaders and organizations to an action-based approach to building a Futures Thinking competency, utilizing foresight tools such as environmental scanning, assumption and bias modeling, and scenario development. However, these well-established approaches have been reframed in an adaptive, resilient, and transformative approach that has been successfully implemented in large, multinational firms. Now, through The Futures School™, anyone can learn and use the Natural Foresight® framework.