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Introduction to Holoptic Foresight Dynamics

On August 26th, TFSX Co-founder Frank Spencer spoke at the Responsible AI/DI Summit in New York City

What is “Responsible” AI/DI (“RAIDI”)?  It is the discipline of maximizing the positive social value of these powerful technologies, while minimizing their negative impacts. 

This gathering of senior thought leaders offered an opportunity for everyone to share diverse perspectives from technology, economics, national intelligence, strategic foresight, and more.

Frank’s session was titled, “Holoptic Foresight Dynamics: An Intentional Evolutionary Strategy to Guide Humanity Into the Future” and provided the first public introduction of these concepts which have been years in development.

In its most basic definition, “holopticism” is:

… a combination of Greek words holos (whole, holistic, all), optiké (vision), and tekhné (art, technique).  Much like the way in which a fly uses its special eye to view the world in a multi-faceted manner, holopticism expresses the capacity for players in a given organization (or group) to perceive the emerging whole of that organization (or group) as if it were a unique entity, be it in a natural physical space or an online space (virtual)… A holoptical space is a space in which each participant gets a live perception of the ‘Whole.’ Each player, thanks to his/her experience and expertise, relates to this “Whole” in order to adjust his/her actions and coordinate them with others’ moves. Therefore there is an unceasing round trip, a feedback loop that works like a mirror between the individual level and the collective one… Holopticism – the link between individuals and the whole – provide players with the capacity to operate in a sovereign, independent (diverse) way because they know what to do for the sake of the whole and the sake of themselves. Therefore there is not only horizontal transparency (perception of every other participant in the organization or group), but also a vertical communication with the emerging ‘Whole.’

As it relates to foresight, holoptic environments are transformational-friendly in that the emerging future – emanating from the parts and their collective “whole” – are seeking to produce organic growth toward higher orders or levels of purpose. 

Watch this from the RAIDI Summit to learn more about Holoptic Foresight.

Frank Spencer

Creative Director

In 2009, Frank founded Kedge – a global foresight, innovation, and strategic design firm which pioneered TFSX. Throughout his career, Frank has worked  as a leadership coach and developer with entrepreneurs, social communities, networking initiatives, and SMEs, helping them in areas such as development, innovation, and networking.

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