Spirituality in Foresight

This webcast was originally recorded on August 20, 2021.

Foresight can be considered as a mental technology that expands the user’s perspective across time and space.

If employed well, foresight can make us more empathetic, more mindful, and more aware. In short, it can open us to new opportunities and empower us to make better decisions in the present.

Creating the future is a spiritual practice. Foresight fosters an awareness of the interconnections between all things across time and space. Imagining the aspirational opportunities that we have the potential and agency to manifest is an awe-inspiring and enlightening exercise.

Channeling this into a mindset transforms foresight from a methodology or field, into a way of living a human experience.

Listen to TFS co-founder Frank Spencer and creative strategist Ashley Bowers discuss existentialism in Strategic Foresight in this Futures Space audio-chat event.

Frank Spencer

Creative Director

In 2009, Frank founded Kedge – a global foresight, innovation, and strategic design firm which pioneered TFSX. Throughout his career, Frank has worked  as a leadership coach and developer with entrepreneurs, social communities, networking initiatives, and SMEs, helping them in areas such as development, innovation, and networking.

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Ashley Bowers

Creative Strategist, TFSX

Ashley leverages her expertise in sustainable design, environmental science, and marketing to support user-experiences with a holistic approach. Her goal is to empower changemakers, organizations, institutions and governments to thrive in a world of exponential uncertainty and complexity.

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