Creating Foresight-Fueled Action: AI Beyond the Hype Panel Video

Is Artificial Intelligence an amazing technology that will completely change the world as we know it, leading us into a new era of unprecedented creativity and human development, or is it a completely overhyped tool that exacerbates consumerism, misinformation, environmental degradation, and social de-evolution? Are these even the right questions, or should we be more concerned with why the promises and threats of AI so intensely capture our collective imagination – our technological designs and pathways, our myths and metaphors, and the sociologies that we have created around our striving to attain the status of “machine hood.”

In this video, Principal Frank Spencer (TFSX) interviews data & technology, education, cultural, and foresight experts Taylor Crain, Aimee Whitcroft, Christopher Rice, and Michael Compton as they look beyond the surface arguments surrounding AI to investigate how this technology speaks to our current narratives of hyper-efficiency, unlimited productivity, and Western rationality.