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In Our Futurist Eras

Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently, you’ve experienced the Taylor Swift Effect. Between her album re-releases (Taylor’s Version), her NFL take-over (she put Travis Kelce on the map), and, of course, her record breaking Eras Tour (now a feature film), there’s been no escaping Tay-Tay’s impact. 

What you may not know, unless you’re a die hard Swiftie, is that her sold out concert takes fans through a tour of all of her past album releases, or “eras.” (Even if you aren’t a fan of her music, you have to respect the marketing genius that is Taylor Swift.) In fact, she’s created so much fervor around her catalog of music that her fans literally dress up as one of the eras when attending her concert.

And, like many things Swiftie, her effect is felt way beyond the stadiums of screaming fans. It is now common for people to say that they are in this or that “era.”  (“I’m in my Dog Mom Era,” for instance.) Yes, the Taylor madness has entered our common vernacular!

Well, what kind of entrepreneurs and futurists would we be if we didn’t jump on a trend? 

Welcome to our Futurist Eras!

All joking aside, the analogy here is quite useful. As successful futurists, we take on many roles within organizations, our communities, and our networks.  As we progress through our foresight career, our skills evolve and strengthen based on the season we find ourselves in. 

Click on each image below to learn a brief history of our leadership team’s eras, leading up to their futurist era: