Creating Foresight Fueled Action: Cécile Cremer

“We need to ask the wrong questions!”

Cécile Cremer

“We need to ask the wrong questions!” That’s certainly not a phrase that you will hear very often, but it’s at the very heart of the message that Futurist Cécile Cremer has for her clients and audiences around the world. Too often we ask the “right” questions to get the “right” answers – ideas that are already widely accepted as being relevant and impactful. In this collectively liminal era of systemic collapse and transformational change, it’s the “wrong” questions – the ones that truly challenge the way that we see and act in the world – that have the power to change hearts, reframe identity, unlock the future, catalyze hope, and restore our awe for the empowering sacred.

Join TFSX Principal Frank Spencer in this inspiring conversation with Cécile as she highlights the need for life-long “futures education,” reuniting the full palette of feminine/masculine energies, the critical need to think transformationally about our futures, taking clients from futures thinking to futures manifestations, including many voices in the futures discussion, and the need to challenge today’s organizations through deep imagination and impactful activism. As Cécile tells our listeners, “I’m Dutch… we tell it like it is.” Cécile, the team at TFSX couldn’t agree more!