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Creating Foresight Fueled Action: Dr. Camila Mozzini- Alister

Embodying the Future into Existence

In this important interview, Dr. Camila Mozzini- Alister pulls on her years of study, practice, and experiential public installations to address how the human body is the first and ultimate creative substratum, noting that the entirety of material reality we have created around us is shaped by the human body. Throughout the process of observing relationships between bodies, we must understand how we are shifting the perception of ourselves through the technologies and technological pathways we are constructing. How do the limitless manifestations of “body” offered by pixels, algorithms, and digital images jive with the limited, constrained, and bounded manifestations that we as humans NEED to face every day?

Are we building the future from a place of empathy, care, and love?

The entering of today’s hegemonic technologies through and into the body is a boundary we must strongly consider if we understand that technologies are not just aids but are also manifestations of our human subconscious and the very systems that construct the fences we inhabit. We must grasp the desires that we are embodying because the deeper we go into building our technological pathways, the more we will bring our “shadow” selves to the surface. Are we building from a place of trauma and thereby creating what we think will allow us to avoid trauma – or are we building from a place of empathy, care, and love? What is the future we want to embody into existence?