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“We must make sense, not spreadsheets, and transcend trends to pick up on patterns. Data-driven approaches become a worn and familiar blanky that leaves us vulnerable to threats while blinding us to new opportunities. This means that relying on trend analysis and even big data – a concept that is only in its infancy – will not suffice.”

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With a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and an MBA from University of Florida, I am no stranger to our obsession with data and a desire for holistic business knowledge. After working for a couple of years with Kimberly-Clark, I began my 13-year career with The Walt Disney Company in corporate finance then moved to HR. It was then that I was asked to lead the effort in establishing the Future Workforce Insights division, identifying future workforce trends and leveraging foresight models and techniques to assess potential threats and impacts, emerging ideas, and exciting opportunities for the organization. I unleashed my ability to be more than the traditional finance professional and became enamored with successfully building a foresight capacity in the corporate environment. In fact, I loved it so much that I left Disney and joined Frank Spencer to implement foresight in organizations across the globe. In 2015, we then co-founded The Futures School to provide a global learning ecosystem with the mission to democratize foresight. I am a member of Society For Human Resource Management (SHRM), Association for Talent Development (ATD), Association for Professional Futurists (APF), and World Futures Society (WFS).

“I had the pleasure to hire Frank take us from theory to practical application of strategic foresight at Daimler. He has been a great partner in this adventure by helping us stay grounded in processes that deliver results. Frank uses his experience and expertise to guide us and to get people on board with a new way of thinking.”

Lori Heino-Royer Executive, Autonomous Transportation

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  • Futures Thinking / Strategic Foresight
  • The People CLOUD Future of Work
  • The Futurist Mindset: How to Navigate Uncertainty with Purpose
  • How the Mouse House Created a Global Workforce of the Future – No Pixie Dust Required
  • Addressing the Gap: Developing Corporate Foresight through Competency Building
  • Wicked Opportunities: Foresight Driven Innovation
  • Engage with the Future and Make Change Your Ally
  • Your Future: Career Development in the New Age

“Frank’s approach and the concepts that he introduces really help you to look in a different way at the future. He helps to remove old, ineffective mental frames and nudges your thinking towards new solutions. His presentation style is energetic and makes you empowered to take action towards the future.”

Freija van Duijne Future Planning and Trend Analysis, Future Motions

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