For the Toughest Questions in Business and Society, Strategic Foresight is the Answer

No matter what industry or role you are in, you are grappling with uncertainty.

How do you prepare for a future that seems to be changing too rapidly to grasp? How do you innovate and remain on the cutting edge when you’re not even sure where that edge is? What is needed is not a better crystal ball, but rather an instrument for building resilience, adaptability, and opportunity through recognition of emerging changing landscapes. Futures Thinking is that instrument and Strategic Foresight provides the framework.

Think of using Strategic Foresight in the way ancient sailors used maps to navigate unknown waters. The maps were not exact representations of the real world, but without them, sailors would have been too afraid to venture forth. In the same way, Strategic Foresight does not predict the future; instead, it maps out possibilities and landscapes that allow you to move forward.

Trends in society, technology, and the economy are all converging in unexpected ways, creating modern-day uncharted waters. In this volatility and complexity, leaders and organizations that use Strategic Foresight will be able to anticipate change and make the appropriate course adjustments. They will be positioned to succeed, while those that remain tied to outdated approaches will likely fail.

The Futures School™ approach leverages the principles of Strategic Foresight to support strategy development, change management, and innovation for continued success despite challenging market environments. We call this system the Natural Foresight® framework.

The Futures School™ is your guide to the future, helping you to create it today!