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TFSX leverages a holistic framework for thinking and acting on the future called Natural Foresight®. The world is more complex than ever before, and old ways of developing strategy, managing change and creating innovation are no longer adequate in our landscape of accelerating and exponential change. 

Natural Foresight® exposes leaders and organizations to an action-based approach to building futures thinking. This framework includes foresight tools such as environmental scanning, assumption and bias modeling and scenario development, but is organized in an adaptive, resilient and transformative approach that has been successfully implemented in large, multinational firms.

The Primer is designed to introduce anyone to foresight and is offered free under the copyright stipulations provided below.

7 Days to Launch Your Foresight Practice

The Natural Foresight® Primer is an easy-access booklet for kick-starting a futures thinking practice in any context.

Stop searching for “Strategic Planning Templates” or “How to Make a 5-Year Plan”.

Show your team all that the future has to offer.

Use the Natural Foresight® Primer to introduce your team to critical futures-thinking concepts. The e-book includes tools, frameworks, case-studies, and job aid worksheets that are applicable for anyone looking to thrive in complexity.

Day 1: Introduction

What is Strategic Foresight?

Job Aids:
Futures Thinking Exercise
Foresight Gap Identification Questionnaire

Day 2: Push and pull of the future

Case Study: Prototyping the Future

What Makes a Good Futurist?

Day 3: Strategic Foresight in Practice

The Importance of Foresight in Strategy
The Importance of Foresight in Innovation
The Importance of Foresight in Culture and Change
Case Study: Developing a Foresight Competency

Day 4: Natural Foresight Framework: Unlock the Futurist Mindset

Discover: Challenge Old Ways of Thinking
Where Can I Find the Future? Resources for Environmental Scanning

Day 5: Explore: Scan the External Environment

The Macro, External Environment
The Meta, Industry Environment
The Micro, Organizational Environment
Using Horizon Scanning
Exploring the External Environment – Scanning Framework

Day 6: Map: Develop Future Scenarios and Innovations

Case Study: Scenarios for Strategy Development
Scenario Planning Tools

Day 7: Create: Design and Execute for Value-Added Results

Defining Value
Designing New Measures
Reframing Organizational Models
Implementing Natural Foresight®

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The Futures School® and Natural Foresight® are registered trademarks of Kedge, LLC (dba TFSX)

We are excited to off er our holistic framework for thinking and acting on the future – Natural Foresight® – as an open source framework for everyone.

While TFSX owns and retains copyright and trademark for the Natural Foresight® Framework, we grant you the right to make use of the materials as they are, or in modified form. You may translate, modify, print, network, reformat or change the materials in any way providing that you meet the terms of the license.

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“The training I received from TFSX transformed foresight from an academic exercise into a practical approach for design, strategy and planning. More personally, when I think about my training and earning the Certified Foresight Practitioner designation, I just smile a lot. It’s great to know I’m supported by a community of like-minded people who are thinking about—and working toward—a better future.”

Josh Dix Senior Strategy Consultant, Slalom and Certified Foresight Practitioner

“Absolutely cannot say enough about the quality of people and instruction I’ve encountered through the last year of courses with TFSX. I’m thrilled to have received my Certified Foresight Practitioner designation today and am looking forward to helping organization sand communities apply strategic foresight to foster resilience in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world.”

Katie McPherson Principal and Founder, KM Resilience and Foresight Resilience and Certified Foresight Practitioner