Creating Foresight-Fueled Action: Suzette Brooks Masters

In this video, Principal Frank Spencer (TFSX) interviews Suzette Brooks Masters – A social entrepreneur with a long track record of creating positive change in our society. Thought leader and strategist in the fields of social cohesion, democracy, and futures. Suzette uses her extensive philanthropic, non-profit, research, advocacy, program development, and legal experience to advise foundations, non-profit organizations, policymakers, and corporations on how to respond to the significant demographic shifts that have transformed America after decades of immigration and to…

The Future of Democracy and the Democracy of the Future

Democracy’s tenuous viability is in part due to our exponentially changing landscape of technological access, economic precarity, and environmental collapse. What might be called a “polycrisis” of multiple, simultaneous, and convergent “wicked problems” has flung open the door of widespread fear, doubt, and anger about a landscape where many have been left out of the future altogether. (As well as a present that is devoid of visions for a more hopeful future that starts right now.)