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Creative Complexity

The Futures School Co-Founder Frank Spencer explains the concept of Creative Complexity, and why it’s critical to good foresight, innovation, strategy and organizational development.

Transforming Libraries

Public libraries have long been considered to be on the brink of irrelevancy and extinction, fending off assertions that Google would replace librarians – the original “search engines” – or that eBooks would replace print books. Thus, it’s easy for the technophiles to imagine that libraries as “repositories” would no longer be necessary. Nevertheless, libraries were fundamentally designed to evolve and transform into places and platforms of innovation and collaboration. What sets libraries apart from most organizations and institutions is…

IEDC 2019: An Introduction to Futures Thinking for Economic Development

Marty Vanags, President of the Saratoga Partnership, and Tim Giuliani, President and CEO of the Orlando Economic Partnership share both a common purpose in pioneering the transformation of the economic development field, and a passion for creating the future. As TFSX Alumni (Marty – Denver 2017 and Tim – Orlando 2018), they began building a collaborative partnership founded on their common purpose and passion shortly after meeting one another through the TFSX Alumni Network Group. Vanags, Giuliani and one of…