Leverage Natural Foresight® to develop your career.

The Futures School Goes Global

The Natural Foresight framework and tools have been leveraged in major companies in 23 countries over the past 5 years under our parent company, Kedge. The Futures School is the democratization of these same tools, now available to everyone.

Today’s Leaders Must Lead From The Future

If you’re in a position of leadership today, then you’ve definitely experienced what it means to be “environmentally challenged.” Normally, this phrase refers to the frustration of being too small or too tall in a world made for “normal” people.

Understanding What’s Next In Talent: The Ubiquitous Nature of the People Cloud

As social media and collaboration expand, the People Cloud can be found in every discipline and domain. Several factors are contributing to the ubiquitous nature of this emerging future: the proliferation of wearables, the emergence of the worldwide connectivity, and the advancement of mobile and sentient technology.

What You Need To Know About The Future To Thrive Today

There are 7 shifts dramatically altering business, society, and technology, and they are a result of the inevitable change taking place in response to our landscape of increasing complexity, and the subsequent emergence of new values, ideas and systems that will shape the answer to the question of “What’s next?”

What Is Strategic Foresight?

Strategic Foresight is an organizational, social, and personal practice that allows us to create functional and operational views of alternative futures and possibilities.

What Is Natural Foresight®?

We are operating in an increasingly complex environment, where linear and mechanistic processes do not work. To overcome this issue, The Futures School™ leverages a process that mimics natural growth curves.