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Tool Spotlight – Level Up Your Scanning

What Can Crime Investigations Teach Us About Futures Intelligence? What does hunting for a killer have in common with hunting for signals? I’m so glad you asked! If you’ve watched any crime dramas or murder mystery flicks then you know the fearless detective always ends up standing in front of an evidence board, meticulously stretching yarn across push pins, noting connections between seemingly unrelated data points. https://vimeo.com/870049103/a0e8e8c1d0?share=copy With images, notes, and headlines connected with string or yarn, these visual collages…

Free eBook: Embodying a Future that is ALIVE

One thing often overlooked in the numerous descriptions of what makes a good futurist is the personal worldview of those doing trend hunting, pattern making, scenario writing, and speculative designing. Some of us are more pessimistic about the future; others lean toward believing in positive possibilities and outcomes. Some believe in the unlimited potential of humanity, while others see people as life’s biggest problem. Of course, there are many philosophical shades in-between these extremes. Still, one thing rings true no…

The Future of Democracy and the Democracy of the Future

Democracy’s tenuous viability is in part due to our exponentially changing landscape of technological access, economic precarity, and environmental collapse. What might be called a “polycrisis” of multiple, simultaneous, and convergent “wicked problems” has flung open the door of widespread fear, doubt, and anger about a landscape where many have been left out of the future altogether. (As well as a present that is devoid of visions for a more hopeful future that starts right now.)

The Key to Unlock Your Inner Futurist

At TFSX, we have spent the past two decades establishing the idea and practice of the Inner Futurist, having created a dynamic philosophy of futures thinking as a cooperative evolutionary trait known as Holoptic Foresight that promotes the democratization of futures thinking, and that undergirds the concepts and implementation of our world-renowned framework known as Natural Foresight.

Leaders who practice foresight stay ahead of the innovation curve

Leadership qualities tend to be timeless. It’s why we look back through history at the esteemed individuals who led successful businesses, governments and social initiatives. The thinking goes that, if we can emulate these trailblazers, we will be successful leaders too.

If all constraints were removed…

the year of free is over but Our mission remains In 2022 we launched a grand experiment, granting free tuition, access, and inspiration for the entire year. By all measures, the Year of Free was an unbelievable success, with our community growing and more individuals gaining the skills and mindsets to create more equitable futures. But all good things must come to an end, right? As its name declared, the YEAR of Free was always meant to have a specific…

4 Ways The Future Will Surprise You

Do you love or hate surprises? Is your love language an unexpected gift or do you start distributing your prioritized Amazon wish list well in advance of your birthday?   If you enjoy being surprised, you probably embrace uncertainty and are open to considering different possibilities for the future. But if surprises make you cringe, then the future can seem unsettling. We live in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world that will be full of surprises IF we don’t…

Reflections from our Inaugural Transformations Retreat

It was here in Bell Valley that team members from The Futures School gathered in the Fall of 2022 with fourteen brilliant and kind individuals for a truly unique experience based on rethinking, redefining and reframing foresight for broad-based prosperity, emerging consciousness and cocreation of transformational realities. We called this retreat Transformations of Natural Foresight®.

Not Just Competitive Intelligence, but Futures Intelligence

VUCA—volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous—is an acronym coined by the U.S. military to describe the geo-political environment after the Cold War. Today, business leaders have adopted the term to describe their Monday mornings.