Leverage Natural Foresight® to develop your career.

The Shift

Right now, the world feels like it has shifted a bit on its axis. It is as if someone flicked the globe with their fingers bouncing us back and forth. Soon the world will settle on a new axis point. As a result, our new normal will emerge and everything we know to be true today is open to a new interpretation.

Escaping The Flat-Earth Apocalypse

Whether you see this ideology as just another attention-grabbing stunt in the age of YouTube influencers or as a tell-tale sign of an antiquated educational system, one thing is for sure: conspiracy theories are on the rise.

Living Companies: Turning Insight into Foresight to Tame the Future

In order to understand why I have such a strong passion for foresight, it’s helpful to get a glimpse into my background. For 15 years, I worked internationally in the field of Marketing, Innovation and Business Strategy across different FMCG, Finance and Entertainment blue-chip companies (AB InBev, Societe Generale, Disney), as well as successfully growing start-ups. Most recently, I held a Consumer Strategy role at The Walt Disney Company. Working in a highly analytic strategy job yet experiencing a passion…

Sense, Mesh, and Transform: The Natural Foresight® Mindsets

To drive value in an ever-changing world of increasing chaos, complexity and contradictions, we must adopt new ways of thinking that will guide our actions for breakthroughs. The Natural Foresight® framework behavioral competencies include three mindsets that are necessary to harness and leverage this world of complexity: sensing, meshing, and transformation.

Emergent Learning

The learning environment cultivated inside of an organization either enables or deters leaders from growing and transforming their capabilities. We came across Sahana Chattopadhyay’s Medium article (published July 31st), “Six Enablers of Emergent Learning” which beautifully speaks to organizational culture’s influence on leadership inclusive of underlying principles that are critical to foresight.

The Most Powerful Mindfulness Is Future-Focused

Everyone is familiar with the importance of being mindful, but very few realize that this practice can be integrally tied to a futures mindset. In his recent article published in Psychology Today, Thomas S Bateman, discusses the concept of future mindfulness, which he believes “offers even more potential and power to individuals, leaders, and organizations wanting to forge better futures.”

Introduction to Holoptic Foresight Dynamics

On August 26th, TFSX Co-founder Frank Spencer spoke at the Responsible AI/DI Summit in New York City.  What is “Responsible” AI/DI (“RAIDI”)?  It is the discipline of maximizing the positive social value of these powerful technologies, while minimizing their negative impacts.  This gathering of senior thought leaders offered an opportunity for everyone to share diverse perspectives from technology, economics, national intelligence, strategic foresight, and more. Frank’s session was titled, “Holoptic Foresight Dynamics: An Intentional Evolutionary Strategy to Guide Humanity Into…

It’s Time to Democratize the Future

“What problem are you solving?” The question is so important because of the big world problems that each and every one of us must address such as climate change, economic inequality and population displacement. However, it’s also a question for the hoard of tech-crazed unicorn chasers who are creating the next wave of supposedly indispensable gadgets. Are they solving problems, or creating solutions where no problems exist? The definition of success in the land of technotopia certainly feels a little…

Will Data Save the Future

In this vlog, Kedge Founder and The Futures School Co-Founder Frank Spencer discusses the need to go beyond data and “plausible futures” in order to create transformational change and aspirational futures.