Anthropological Regeneration (1.7)

Anthropological Regeneration: Foresight-Fueled Action

For the next month on the Wicked Opportunities Podcast, we are reframing “Homogenecene Extinction” as “Anthropological Regeneration”.

We define Homogenecene Extinction as the parasitic and genocidal approach to Homo Sapien’s dominion over the planet’s life-giving diversity through the homogenizing of consumption and subsequent depletion of biological, ecological, and cultural systems.

We are reframing humanity’s role into a natural co-designer and co-creator of earth’s complex, interconnected and biodiverse ecosystem, and our species may transition from being “destroyer” to “restorer.”


We’re wrapping up our first collection of podcasts, but we’re just getting started! Hopefully, the same holds true for humanity’s performance as generative designers in the ongoing story of the universe. We have the power to play a major role in this unfolding narrative – look at the positive and negative impact we’ve had during our time on the show – but we must realize that our part is dependent on co-creating alongside the rest of the cast. If we can have this revelation we could be destined for bigger things! With the spotlight on various leaders – spiritual, organizational and societal – how can we redefine humanity as the “transformational protagonist?”


In this interview, Chief of the Enterprise Strategy Division at the United States Secret Service (USSS) speaks with The Futures School Co-Founder Yvette Montero Salvatico. Robin provides advice on how to infuse foresight in organizations in which the day-to-day operation is always “mission critical.”  Specifically, Robin shares these 3 tips: take some training – educate yourself!,  network with others within and outside your mission set, focus on execution – do something.

Watch the interview here.