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Anthropological Regeneration (1.7)

Anthropological Regeneration: Trend Analysis

For the next month on the Wicked Opportunities Podcast, we are reframing “Homogenecene Extinction” as “Anthropological Regeneration”.

We define Homogenecene Extinction as the parasitic and genocidal approach to Homo Sapien’s dominion over the planet’s life-giving diversity through the homogenizing of consumption and subsequent depletion of biological, ecological, and cultural systems.

We are reframing humanity’s role into a natural co-designer and co-creator of earth’s complex, interconnected and biodiverse ecosystem, and our species may transition from being “destroyer” to “restorer.”


You might be thinking, “Really Yvette and Frank, you believe that the human species can transcend beyond our base wants and desires to become a higher expression of conscious evolution?” We CAN, and we SHOULD! If you’re a regular listener, you know that we have been using the second episode during each series to demonstrate that our Wicked Opportunity isn’t just “pie in the sky” (you’ve got to love those metaphors!), but can be realized by leveraging today’s trends and emerging issues. A landscape of Anthropological Regeneration will need input from every driver and domain, but the bridge definitely exists!


Want to build your own bridge between today’s headlines and a more transformative Wicked Opportunity future? During this week’s podcast, we combined two articles to lead us toward an Anthropological Regeneration future. Specifically, we coupled an article on failing to meet global conservation targets with the notion of including diverse realties for robust problem solving and world building. See how we connected these issues using trends identified in our environmental scanning. Access the trend cards we used and practice connecting today to tomorrow with our Six Degrees of Separation game.

Explore the connections between this month’s Trend Cards. Download here.