Decentralized Prosperity (1.6)

Decentralized Prosperity: World Building

This month the Wicked Problem is Systemic Barriers: Roadblocks to individual and collective equity and justice built into governmental, organizational, and social systems due to long-standing prejudices, superiority and fear.

We reframed this problem into the Wicked Opportunity Decentralized Prosperity: New landscapes of widespread freedom, success and fulfillment across all cultures and communities due to bottom-up governance and social constructs of inclusion.


Our well-worn maps that detail the landscape of housing, employment, healthcare, civic engagement, democratic participation, and due process are no longer serving us in a world of increasing complexity and changing social dynamics. Many would argue those maps never served us very well, as they were fashioned around ideologies based on separation and superiority. We not only need new maps, but a novel approach to human cartography that highlights the complex and transformational nature of cultural interactions, relationships and needs. What does a map of Decentralized Prosperity look like? Come find out!


Visualize the movement from today’s Wicked Problem – Identity Crisis – toward the transformational Wicked Opportunity – Extended Reality. The map tells a story of the data points we’ve uncovered during this month’s thought leadership, including root causes, trend connections, and point of impact responses.  View the full map to see what we discuss in this week’s podcast, the Point of Impact questions, to envision a world impacted by Decentralized Prosperity!