Extended Reality (1.5)

Extended Reality: Foresight-Fueled Action

This month we explore the Wicked Problem many of us are feeling, Identity Crisis. We define this problem as the escalating loss of contextual meaning related to tribal connections and individual purpose, as well as the loss of traditional identities, belonging and meaning due to exponential change in societal dynamics, governing capacity and technological velocity.

We REFRAME this problem as Extended Reality. We believe adopting and integrating a mutually interdependent reality that manifests the benefits of “we” over “me” is the response to this Wicked Problem.


Each month our end-of-series episode imagines alternative expressions for traditional professions, but this month during Wicked Creations we are drilling down even further as we focus on the “new identity of identity itself” – how meta of us! What would embracing an Extended Reality – a mutually interdependent environment that promotes “we” over “me” – mean for domains such as big tech, entrepreneurship and (gasp!) government? Join us as we seek out new realities for humanity to inhabit as a means to transform the human experience and co-create a world in which we all thrive.


In this interview, Certified Foresight Practitioner and Director of Library Development Dawn La Valle talks about the role libraries play in building an experiential bridge between the present world and the future. She states that libraries are the last bastions of democracy on the face of the earth because everyone is welcome throughout their entire lives and thus are critical in creating an equitable and inclusive future for humanity. The Futures School and Dawn are working together to transform American Libraries.

Watch the interview here.