Extended Reality (1.5)

Extended Reality: Unconscious Futures Modeling

This month we explore the Wicked Problem many of us are feeling, Identity Crisis. We define this problem as the escalating loss of contextual meaning related to tribal connections and individual purpose, as well as the loss of traditional identities, belonging and meaning due to exponential change in societal dynamics, governing capacity and technological velocity.

We REFRAME this problem as Extended Reality. We believe adopting and integrating a mutually interdependent reality that manifests the benefits of “we” over “me” is the response to this Wicked Problem.


Greetings Wicked Wizards! It’s time to begin a new series, and this month we’re going straight for the jugular. Our world is in the grip of a widespread identity crisis – from the speed of technological change that disrupts work and meaning at an individual level, to the shifting social demographics that threaten to upend our national ideologies. If we’re going to survive the turmoil that rises from the fear of losing our traditional affiliations and tribes, we must reframe the concept of identity to fit the ever-expanding landscape of the 21st Century. A new definition of identity will mean reimagining what and who we really are!


This month’s quiz dove into our personal reactions around reframing the Wicked Problem of identity Crisis into the Wicked Opportunity Extended Reality. Here are the survey results for this month.