Decentralized Prosperity (1.6)

Decentralized Prosperity: Foresight-Fueled Action

This month the Wicked Problem is Systemic Barriers: Roadblocks to individual and collective equity and justice built into governmental, organizational, and social systems due to long-standing prejudices, superiority and fear.

We reframed this problem into the Wicked Opportunity Decentralized Prosperity: New landscapes of widespread freedom, success and fulfillment across all cultures and communities due to bottom-up governance and social constructs of inclusion.


Futures thinking isn’t about waiting for the future; it’s about bringing the ideas for better futures into the decisions we make today! Can imagining alternative futures really change the way we approach the domains and disciplines that we practice today? Specifically, can the Wicked Opportunity of Decentralized Prosperity reframe the way that we practice law enforcement (BTW, police officers have often been referred to as “Peace Officers.” How can we make that a reality?), banking and financial services (that have been fashioned to largely serve the privileged in society), or education (which is plagued with discrimination)? Let’s do it!


In this interview, Certified Foresight Practitioner and Co-Owner & President of MacKenzie Corporation Jenny Dinnen chats with The Futures School Co-Founder Frank Spencer on topics ranging from how foresight has influenced her views on spirituality; the relationship between futures and agency; foresight implementation advice; and her thoughts on why the future of data must be an ethical place.

Watch the interview here.