Extended Reality (1.5)

Extended Reality: World Building

This month we explore the Wicked Problem many of us are feeling, Identity Crisis. We define this problem as the escalating loss of contextual meaning related to tribal connections and individual purpose, as well as the loss of traditional identities, belonging and meaning due to exponential change in societal dynamics, governing capacity and technological velocity.

We REFRAME this problem as Extended Reality. We believe adopting and integrating a mutually interdependent reality that manifests the benefits of “we” over “me” is the response to this Wicked Problem.


Are you beginning to see a new identity for humanity on the horizon, rising out of the ashes of the broken and outdated identities of siloed, disconnected and closed systems? Futurists and foresight professionals use various methods to create alternative visions of the future, and that’s exactly what we’ll do during this episode, painting a picture of a world that adopts the Wicked Opportunity of Extended Reality. How can we redefine the way we think, frame, connect, produce and use to co-create an environment that promotes the idea of “we” over the corrosive crisis of “me, me, me”? A new vision requires a new way of measuring meaning.


Visualize the movement from today’s Wicked Problem – Identity Crisis – toward the transformational Wicked Opportunity – Extended Reality. The map tells a story of the data points we’ve uncovered during this month’s thought leadership, including root causes, trend connections, and point of impact responses.  View the full map to see what we discuss in this week’s podcast, the Point of Impact questions, to envision a world impacted by Extended Reality!