Decentralized Prosperity (1.6)

Decentralized Prosperity: Unconscious Futures Modeling

This month the Wicked Problem is Systemic Barriers: Roadblocks to individual and collective equity and justice built into governmental, organizational, and social systems due to long-standing prejudices, superiority and fear.

We reframed this problem into the Wicked Opportunity Decentralized Prosperity: New landscapes of widespread freedom, success and fulfillment across all cultures and communities due to bottom-up governance and social constructs of inclusion.


If any Wicked Problem has been front-and-center in recent times, it’s certainly the Systemic Barriers that have marginalized various individuals and groups, denying them full access to the rights, opportunities and resources that must be available to everyone. These barriers are largely based in fear and hatred, but are then expressed as laws and regulations that alienate people from the social integration and human rights that are central to overcoming so many other planetary dilemmas. Can futures thinking act as the “mental technology” that shifts our collective actions from designed inequity to a world of justice?


This month’s quiz dove into our personal reactions around reframing the Wicked Problem of Systemic Barriers into the Wicked Opportunity Decentralized Prosperity. Here are the survey results for this month.