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Anthropological Regeneration (1.7)

Anthropological Regeneration: World Building

For the next month on the Wicked Opportunities Podcast, we are reframing “Homogenecene Extinction” as “Anthropological Regeneration”.

We define Homogenecene Extinction as the parasitic and genocidal approach to Homo Sapien’s dominion over the planet’s life-giving diversity through the homogenizing of consumption and subsequent depletion of biological, ecological, and cultural systems.

We are reframing humanity’s role into a natural co-designer and co-creator of earth’s complex, interconnected and biodiverse ecosystem, and our species may transition from being “destroyer” to “restorer.”


This is the last time that we will be using the Point of Impact questions to create a future map (at least for awhile), so we didn’t want to waste this opportunity to “GO BIG!” As you may have already noticed during the first 2 weeks of this topic, the idea of humans making an evolutionary jump plays a big role in the transition from being a species of parasites to instead becoming life-giving symbiotes. (How’s that as an Easter egg for all of you Spiderman fans?) If we are truly going to achieve our potential as a creative force in the cosmic dance, we need new ways of measuring value (and what’s truly valuable), as well as a new role for the human race.


Visualize the movement from today’s Wicked Problem – Homogenecene Extinction – toward the transformational Wicked Opportunity -Anthropological Regeneration. The map tells a story of the data points we’ve uncovered during this month’s thought leadership, including root causes, trend connections, and point of impact responses.   View the full map to see what we discuss in this week’s podcast, the Point of Impact questions, to envision a world impacted by Decentralized Prosperity!