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Imagination Literacy (1.1)

Imagination Literacy: Unconscious Futures Modeling

This month the Wicked Problem is Tragedy of the Commons, the prevailing problem of scarcity of natural and human resources. We’ve reframed this complex problem as the Wicked Opportunity of Imagination Literacy. Rather than imposing the fixed ideas about our present-day disciplines, industries and practices on the future, Imagination Literacy suggests we must remain open to learning, unlearning and relearning as a means to co-creating novel capabilities and approaches.


Introducing the first installment of The Wicked Opportunities Podcast! We dive right into the deep end of the futures thinking pool, tackling a long-standing problem known as “Tragedy of the Commons” – the dilemma in which shared resources within a system are gradually depleted due to self-interest and a lack of collective wellbeing. Tragedy of the Commons can be seen today in everything from social equity to climate change, and the scope of this problem can seem overwhelming. Is there another way to view this challenge that could transform how humanity redefines the concepts of scarcity and abundance? Listen to the episode


This month’s quiz dove into our personal reactions around reframing the Wicked Problem of the Tragedy of the Commons into the Wicked Opportunity of Imagination Literacy. Here are the survey results for this month.