Anthropological Regeneration (1.7)

Anthropological Regeneration: Unconscious Futures Modeling

For the next month on the Wicked Opportunities Podcast, we are reframing “Homogenecene Extinction” as “Anthropological Regeneration”.

We define Homogenecene Extinction as the parasitic and genocidal approach to Homo Sapien’s dominion over the planet’s life-giving diversity through the homogenizing of consumption and subsequent depletion of biological, ecological, and cultural systems.

We are reframing humanity’s role into a natural co-designer and co-creator of earth’s complex, interconnected and biodiverse ecosystem, and our species may transition from being “destroyer” to “restorer.”


Welcome to Month 7 – the last series in our first collection! (Wait, you didn’t know we were creating collections of podcasts based on overarching ideas? Hmm… there might be a challenge awaiting our listeners in this episode!). In this series, we culminate with the Wicked Problem of “Homogenecene Extinction” or the human-imposed sterilization of our otherwise biologically and culturally diverse world. We might think the solution to ecological degradation lies in using less plastic straws, but the seemingly unrelated problems of racial segregation, industrial siloing and dominant narratives hold the key to our self-imposed undoing. Can humans shift from being the problem to becoming a life-giving opportunity?


This month’s quiz dove into our personal reactions around reframing the Wicked Problem of Anthropological Regeneration into the Wicked Opportunity Anthropological Regeneration. Here are the survey results for this month.