Co-Creative Emergence (1.3)

Co-Creative Emergence: Unconscious Futures Modeling

This month on REFRAME Magazine, we tackled the Wicked Problem known as Analysis Paralysis and reframe it as the Wicked Opportunity of Co-Creative Emergence.

Co-Creative Emergence, a Wicked Opportunity that would empower humanity with the agency to both observe and manifest regenerative landscapes. Rather than attempting to control our world through data-centric models, this approach leads us to relearn that we are a part of nature. As such, we have the ability to join the collective dance of co-creation, living in the epic tension of both humbly yielding to the changing nature of the future while also actively giving birth to adaptive, resilient and transformational realities.


The Wicked Problem of “Analysis Paralysis” is often used to describe the act of overthinking an issue to the detriment of taking action, but it also reflects our current infatuation with quantitative-heavy measurements as the gateway to a perfect world. The current belief that “if we can just gather more data, we can overcome any and every obstacle” has created an overly simplistic narrative in a world of increasingly complex interactions, and this is manifested in a deluge of predictive technologies and data-crunching platforms. Is there a better way to chart the course of humanity’s tango with a cosmos of unfolding realities? Yvette and Frank are waiting for you to join them on the dance floor. (Tik Tok choreography not included.)


This month’s quiz dove into our personal reactions around reframing the Wicked Problem of the Analysis Paralysis into the Wicked Opportunity Co-Creative Emergence. Here are the survey results for this month.